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Alpha Corporate Sales provides strategic business development services to companies that want to increase sales, market share, and client loyalty.

We guarantee you will achieve your goals much more effectively with our proprietary business development methodology that will get you to the top 1% of your field within 90 days!

Alpha Corporate Sales is a leading global business development, enterprise sales training, marketing, and executive coaching PR firm that provides a wide range of public relations and strategic business consulting services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals. Founded in 1997, the firm is headquartered in New York City and maintains offices in all major business centers around the world.

"Alpha Corporate Sales has helped us achieve impeccable project management results and superb customer acquisition levels that our sales team was not able to achieve on its own."

Orlando Carvalho
Executive Vice President, Lockheed Martin Corp

"When it comes to new client acquisition and managing our client relationships, we rely on the experts from Alpha Corporate Sales who have outperformed our wildest expectations."

Gregory Pearson
Vice President of Manufacturing, Intel Corporation

"We rely on the consultants from Alpha Corporate Sales for achieving tangible growth and market expansion through their innovative approach to customer relevance and sales."

Kevin Bandy
Senior Vice President, Cisco Systems

"Strategic market expansion advice is what we have received from the Alpha Corporate Sales team. Their expertise in delivering results with top level relationship building is unmatched."

Ben Kahrs
Senior Vice President, Alcoa Corporation

"We received superb project management and market growth consultancy from Alpha Corporate Sales team that has been invaluable to our growth for the past twelve years."

Christopher Snodgrass
Vice President of Logistics, Caterpillar Inc

"Our sales team has received the best enterprise sales training from our advisors at Alpha Corporate Sales. We wish we knew about their sales training services sooner than last year. "

James Collins, Jr.
Chief Operating Officer, DuPont Manufacturing

Want to Double Your Business in 90 Days?

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We Teach Neuroscience of Strategic Sales!

You will get the best one-on-one strategic sales training, coaching, and mentoring while having access to our 24/7 on-demand video training courses.

We Teach How to Close 9 Out Of 10 Sales!

We will teach you how to prequalify all prospective clients and close 9 out of 10 prospects. We will teach you business etiquette that will help close more sales.

Our background is psychology.

We currently have 2 profilers and 51 psychologists on our staff.

Nobody in the industry has the expertise and over 95 years of combined professional experience that we have!

Our expertise, as psychologists and profilers, is to identify, communicate, and fix the root cause of many problems that occur with a salesperson or a sales team or the entire company as a whole that keeps them from operating at a next-to-maximum or full intellectual and professional potential.

We see mistakes that go unnoticed to most "traditional" sales trainers and "regular" people who are not psychologists or are not familiar with our System.

We see problems that salespeople have and are simply unable to correct themselves in order to improve their sales closing ratio and, consequently, their sales production (revenue).

We see those problems and we address and fix them during our coaching sessions. As our student, you too will be evaluated and coached to address and adjust certain sales habits that currently keep you from reaching all your professional and personal goals.

Or as we would say it in our office among ourselves: "We will find the root cause of many underlying reasons for the problems that manifest outwardly in your daily behavior that has been accumulating deep within the recesses of your psyche (your subconscious mind) possibly since your early childhood.Then we will start erasing and replacing many (wrong) mental tapes or programming (commands) that you received, learned, and internalized (like a computer) during your childhood years and during your puberty information-gathering years that keeps governing your daily activity and outlook on life and possibly your (limited) sense of self-esteem and (a multitude of) other self-limiting beliefs on (never) reaching your full potential in your personal life and business or career. After all, if you did not have any of those limiting mental tapes playing inside your head -- you would be a billionaire with a beautiful and happy spouse and a prosperous career or business and very few problems in your business /personal life that you could not resolve yourself--without outside help!"

We know and understand very well the underlying reasons why salespeople lose motivation and are not organized to produce at their maximum level -- to reach their full potential and beyond!

We can address and fix all those problems and keep them accountable through weekly (or daily) one-on-one individual or group sales and business coaching sessions that could be done via phone in the evenings or at some other convenient time without interrupting your business.

We can help you (and your sales team) remove all mental blocks so you could clearly focus on consistently growing your business with our Alpha Selling System that will help you close 9 out of 10 sales.

Worst case scenario -- you'll double your sales and stay level or "plateau" at that same production level for many years. But you will see progress right away.

Just call us to schedule a free sales training session and you will see how easy it is to fix your biggest business and personal problems with the help of consultants who actually have a background in clinical and consumer psychology!

Our Alpha Selling System is so effective at converting prospects into paying clients that some of our clients literally refuse to endorse it publicly out of fear that their competitors will hear about it and use it to put them out of business.

And that's the biggest compliment to us and to our work when we hear how powerful and effective our System really is when used by our students.

Once you decide to become our student, you will learn quite a bit about psychology and different ways profilers use psychological profiling when evaluating potential clients' personalities and connecting to their mind using our proprietary System.

Procrastination is never a good strategy! Here is our office phone number to call!

We will NOT charge you anything for our first few coaching sessions until you feel comfortable and decide you want to become our student and enroll in our class.

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Want to Learn How to Sell More Consistently?

Invest in your future and learn how to double your sales!

How Does Alpha Selling System Work?

Alpha Selling System is the world's only neuropsychology-based selling methodology that scientifically facilitates closing new business.

We have created our Alpha Selling System, or the System for short, out of the need for professional approach to assessing the needs of potential buyers who are often talked into buying things that they don't need or want by "traditional" salespeople who mostly use pressure techniques to collect a commission check.

You see, our background is psychology and we are the experts at understanding what motivates people to buy and how to focus on communicating a clear message to make this process much more effective and fair to both the seller and buyer.

Hence, Alpha Selling System was born in 1997 as a result of professional collaborative effort between two brilliant profilers who co-founded our company -- Alpha Corporate Sales.

Alpha Selling System is a proprietary selling methodology created by our team of psychiatrists to facilitate the process of selling any product or service in any industry.

Our System helps salespeople, business owners, and entrepreneurs who are involved in sales quickly build long-term relationships and close 9 out of 10 sales without giving away free information or what we call -- doing unpaid consulting and losing control of the sales process in a sales cycle, which should be avoided at all times.

We can and we will help you get inside the mind of your prospective customer to be able to understand how they process information and make decisions. You will be able to make an offer that is acceptable and is reflected in their subconscious mind as a great offer that they were looking for.

You see, every contract is signed or every purchase is made by the subconscious mind of the buyer -- not the conscious mind.

If you don't believe this, why would women buy $5,000 brand-name purses when they could buy very similar looking generic purses for only $50 at Walmart or JCPenney?

What is the difference between a KIA badge on the back of your vehicle and that of a Cadillac?

You see, the reason why people buy what they don't need but what is being advertised to them is because the seller has hired professional marketers who understand consumer psychology -- just like us -- who are able to communicate directly to the subconscious mind of the potential buyer -- just like us -- and they communicate to or with the subconscious mind of the buyers a clear message for their unresolved childhood issues that manifest themselves through excessive buying patterns that only trained psychologists fully understand!

We can teach you this extremely valuable skill of communicating to the subconscious mind of your prospective clients or customers to literally connect with them on the deepest level!

By the way, do you know what the difference is between a client and a customer? Do you know what is the difference between selling and marketing? Well, the difference is vast and we'll tell you all about it when you contact us.

Another example of how the subconscious mind makes us do strange things in life is: a father who builds a swing set for his child is not doing it to please his child, but to subconsciously meet his own needs down the line stemming from his own childhood (sometimes traumatic) experiences -- the father wants to ensure his own peace of mind (by building a swing set now) for when he gets old and will have to rely on his grown child for daily care through their kindness.

These countless examples are all around us. We understand how and why they happen. We can help you learn how to clearly communicate to the subconscious mind of your prospects and to consistently close 9 out of 10 sales.

If you want to grow your business -- you need our System! We will not charge you anything for the first few coaching sessions until you decide you want to become our full-time student and enroll in our class!

Don't call us if you are not 100% serious (or if you are undecided) about wanting to learn how to grow your business!

If you do want to grow your business and progress in life, call: +1.646.727.9224

Strategic Selling for Realtors!

Yes, we offer sales training and one-on-one strategic coaching for real estate agents and brokers how to sell 50--120 units per year!

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Why Do Prospects So Often Disappear?

We will train you how to be in control of your communication during the entire sales cycle with decision-makers to keep so many prospects from vanishing.

Here is the secret behind why so many prospective clients take your wonderful proposals and other free information and then disappear without a trace:

Every prospect instantly knows when he deals with an inexperienced salesperson and reflexively puts on a mask of appearing as an "interested" potential client or as an "overly-eager" buyer that "happily goes along" with the sales process for a short time in order to ultimately steal the proprietary information or gain valuable product knowledge or pricing and then "suddenly" disappears ... leaving the unprepared salesperson utterly perplexed and pondering if he was "shopped" or tricked by the competitor who was posing as a potential client.

The inexperienced salesperson wants to chase after such "ghost" customer to get the approval and to win his business.

The veteran salesperson, however, who uses our Alpha Selling System knows exactly what went wrong and the mistake that he made to allow the prospect to get away from the sales process.

Sound familiar?

Want to know how to stop prospects from taking your proposals and free information and then disappearing?

Want to learn how to always be in control of your sales process with gatekeepers and decision-makers?

Want to learn how to communicate directly to the subconscious mind of your decision-makers to close every qualified sale without doing unpaid consulting?

Then you definitely need our Alpha Selling System! We have created our selling System to help salespeople close more business on a consistent basis.

We have coined the phrase "shock-therapy" opening. We have started a revolution in sales long before sales techniques were taught on tape or in digital form. We have pioneered the "negative denial" of service approach in enterprise sales to be able to close 10 out of 10 sales, which must be seen to be believed.

Our System is a must have for sales managers who wonder why there is little motivation among his salespeople.

Sales managers quite often don't give proper training and needs assessment to their sales team members.

There is usually a big chasm between salespeople and their management, which must be fixed in order to see production go up.

Our proprietary System will help salespeople, sales managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and company executives identify and effectively deal with all these elusive problems involving lack of motivation and proper sales training that are hidden from direct observation of "regular" sales trainers who do not have a background in psychology.

We can help you identify and fix all those problems that are obvious to us but out of sight for you -- until you take a class and learn the psychology behind every sale.

We will not charge you anything for the first few sales training sessions until you decide to become our full-time student and enroll in our class!

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Neuromarketing for Inventors?

Yes, we offer sales training & neuromarketing services to inventors whose inventions we deem valuable enough to merit our involvement.

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We Can Help Double Your Sales in 90 Days!

Alpha Corporate Sales is the only sales training and business development organization in the world that uses neuroscience and psychology.

Have you ever went to see a foot doctor if you had a severe headache?

Well, that's what many salespeople and sales managers do when it comes to hiring sales coaches who are not qualified to be in sales or to teach sales training because they don't have the necessary training or expertise in the field.

You see every sale or purchase is based on the psychology of understanding what triggers a YES response in a potential buyer.

We use several neuropsychological techniques that work by identifying what others have missed -- a controlled interaction with the hidden language of the prospect's subconscious mind to close nearly 95% of all qualified prospects approached.

We have a background in this field and we teach salespeople how connect and build relationships to close 9 out of 10 sales and not to leave business on the table for their competition.

Our company was founded by a team of business entrepreneurs and psychiatrists. Alpha Corporate Sales is the only sales training and business development organization in the world that focuses on applying advanced neuropsychology-based methodology.

We are the only experts in the field who truly understand why people buy and what triggers a buying signal inside the subconscious mind of a prospective client.

We will give you several free sales training sessions until you decide to become our student and enroll in our class!

Call us today and start learning for free: +1.646.727.9224

Looking to Expand Internationally?

Since 1997, we have been helping business owners and salespeople increase their sales internationally. We can also help you expand globally!

Why Are Prospects So Elusive?

We will train you how to be in control of your communication during a sales cycle to keep prospects from taking your "free" information and vanishing.

Prospective clients have learned how to manipulate and "string salespeople along" to get what they want (free advice and pricing) and then disappear without paying for the service or advice received.
Sound familiar?
How many proposals have you made to prospective clients that went nowhere?
Why does it happen to so many (approximately 86% of) salespeople?
This happens because most salespeople (who did not take our class) do not know how to handle their prospects in a sales cycle and NOT allow them to wonder off -- they don't have a structured verbal agreement in place.
We teach salespeople and entrepreneurs how to properly build rapport with their prospective clients without giving too much product knowledge or free information or what we call "unpaid consulting" during a sales cycle and have a verbal agreement in place that will allow both parties the have mutually-agreed-upon rules.
We also discourage chasing after "ghost" clients that could be their competitors posing as potential "phantom" clients or prospects who want, and, quite often, get pro bono or "free services" or free information without paying for it.

Statistically, this practice of prospective clients stealing information from salespeople happens during 86% of all sales interactions, and, therefore, is quite catastrophic to business development and is a taboo subject for many sales managers to discuss due to the fact that it would expose just how ineffective their sales team really is, which would directly reflect poorly on their role as extremely ineffective sales managers.

Our proprietary System allows salespeople and business owners to remain in complete control during the entire sales cycle or business negotiations until the sale is successfully completed in 9 out of 10 cases.

That's why our methodology makes the difference between being able to successfully close complex sales and endlessly chasing after poorly-qualified "ghost" clients.

Ghost clients are prospects who like to take information or proposals from salespeople but often don't pay for the services by strategically taking the "free" information and suddenly disappearing, which results in inexperienced salespeople wanting to chase after them without understanding what actually took place.

If you struggle with being in control of your sales cycle (i.e. if you cannot close sales), contact us and we will train you for free -- no charge for the first few lessons.

You will receive several free sales training sessions until you decide to become our student and enroll in our class!

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Learn How to Close Every Sale Consistently!

Our Alpha Selling System has been tested in the field since 1997 to help you close virtually 95% of all prospects you approach. That's our guarantee.

Is it possible to close every single sale? Probably not. Even if your are the best psychologist in town.

For example, let's say you could close 9 out of 10 sales very consistently, would you be happy? Probably yes.

How could you close 9 out of 10 sales? Well, it's all about a methodology.

You see we have created a proprietary selling methodology that scientifically facilitates closing 9 out of 10 sales.

Let's say you wanted to call your best friend whom you like and ask for a favor to give you a ride because your car broke down. Would your friend object? Of course, not. Or, most likely, not.

Obviously, if you asked a total stranger on the street to give you a ride -- in 9 times out of 10 you will get a NO.

Well, we use the same principle of communicating to the subconscious mind of the prospective client to get the same response -- in a sales scenario with real prospects to say YES to us every single time.

If you knew how it worked -- you would not need us or our System!

You see, most salespeople expect to approach a total stranger on the street, smile a lot, ask for the money (try to sell them something), and then they have the audacity to expect that those strangers will give them money right away (i.e. buy their product or service on the first call) because they smile a lot, which is silly to us but it is normal to you because you have been trained (programmed) the wrong way to sell -- to do the wrong things that usually produces the wrong result with your prospects, which is so obvious (weird) to us but is probably so normal (routine) to you!

We tell our students to never smile (too much at first) because that telegraphs to the subconscious mind of the prospect that the salesperson is looking for a free ride (wants something from them)!

So all this time you were trained the wrong way to do the wrong things (like smile too much too soon)?

Yes, indeed, the very basics you were taught in sales are wrong!

We will re-train you to close 9 out of 10 sales on our methodology! There are probably a million of things that you currently do incorrectly when dealing with your prospects! But we'll turn it around and make you a selling machine! That's our guarantee to you!

Now, pick up your wonderful iPhone that you were so craftily brainwashed to buy and dial our number so we could re-program your brain to think differently and to see this world in a different light, perhaps for the very first in your life!

What's our number (you're thinking to yourself by now)?

You'll have to google it with your wonderful iPhone on Google.com under "Alpha Corporate Sales"

If you don't use an iPhone, then we are very impressed with your sense of individuality. That means you have the inner fortitude to not be an obedient herd follower (i.e. an obedient sheep that follows the group).

We are impressed with your instinctive ability to withstand the pressures of modern-day neuromarketing who use our very methodology to sell their (iPhone and other) products very consistently and on a massive scale -- globally.

We are already proud of you for not allowing to be brainwashed and treated like another (typical) sheep in a large herd of brainless sheep who cannot think for themselves and who cannot be original (and buy everything that is being pushed down their throat through some creative neuromarketing campaigns). Bravo if you're not using an iPhone and refuse to follow a herd!

You will learn how those neuromarketing campaigns work! You will learn why bankers always use big concrete office buildings and super-cute (perfect) people who smile a lot in their silly ads! Have you ever wondered about that or even noticed it?

Here is our number just for you -- since you so unique and don't use an iPhone like the rest of the population -- call us: +1.646.727.9224


Are You Tired of Being Asleep?


The Enlightened Business Training

Would you like to awaken your mind to THE reality of this world and know things as they really are? Could you then influence your overall success?

Are you a spiritual seeker who happens to be a business owner?

Are you pondering the true meaning of life on this planet and in our Universe?

Do you want to awaken to THE reality of this world and know all things as they really are?

Then we have a very special gift of sacred knowledge just for you!

This secret knowledge was reserved for the kings and queens of the past until now!

What are the benefits of our spiritual System?

If you are depressed, overweight, and divorced, and broke -- our System will point out the reasons for your current state and then help fix all those problems because all problems originate in the unseen Universe that the ancients knew more about than we today with our silly iPhones!

Have you ever wondered if the Cosmos or the Universe or the plants or animals had a language of their own? If they did, what would it be like to understand and speak this universal, mathematical, and a very powerful language that controls our DNA and holds all the stars and planets in their orbit? Could you change the course of events in your life and prevent accidents from happening? Could your business transactions flow differently without even your active participation? Could you have any control over you circumstances? Could you heal yourself from an illness? Could you be physically fit and emotionally stable? Could you be always balanced and lead a harmonious and happy life? Could you have a happy and fulfilled marriage and children who respect you?

As an enlightened entrepreneur, you will be able to learn all the secrets of this ancient knowledge and effortlessly close your biggest business transactions ever.

Alexander the Great was initiated to this sacred knowledge by Aristotle at the age of 12 and was guided by the same meditative training that we have finally formulated into a modern spiritual business training course -- specifically for the spiritual seekers who happen to be in business.

We have researched multiple sources to gather and formulate this ancient formula for the alchemy of health, wealth, and success.

One of the contributing sources of information on advanced age-reversing biotechnology was found by us in a rare collection of coded medical records, the Voynich Manuscript (1405 A.D.), and other research materials marked "Top Secret" that were left behind by the top German scientists at the Lake Toplitz medical laboratory in 1943 (A.D.), which came from the Ancient Library of Alexandria, that were transported to Abyssinia, describing the ancient Hyperboreans from the Eternal City of Arkaim (2765 B.C.) in an unknown language that is similar to but predating the Etruscan language (700 B.C.) by at least 2,000 years, which resembles the Turdaș-Vinča language, culture, and proto-writings (5720 B.C.).




How Effective is Our Alpha Selling System?

For over 20 years, our students who use our proprietary 9-step System have been able to consistently close 9 out of 10 sales or prospective clients.


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