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Since 1997 Alpha Corporate Sales has been providing enterprise sales training to Fortune 500 companies to help increase sales and grow business revenue.

Today our mission is to help salespeople close more sales by giving them our proprietary sales training methodology that we developed for Fortune 500 companies.
What is our secret to being so effective at closing almost every single sale? By using our proprietary Alpha Selling System, that includes our custom-targeted verified business sales leads, you too can expect to triple your sales within 6 months of starting our sales training course!
Founded by a team of psychiatrists and veteran entrepreneurs, Alpha Corporate Sales is the only sales training and business development organization in the world that focuses on applying advanced human psychology in real-life sales situations that makes the difference between closing complex sales and endlessly chasing after poorly-qualified "ghost" clients. The sales tools we use today are decades ahead of the mainstream trends.
Every prospect instantly knows when he deals with an inexperienced salesperson and reflexively puts on a mask of appearing as an "interested" potential client or as an "overly-eager" buyer that "happily goes along" with the sales process for a short time in order to ultimately steal the proprietary information or gain valuable product knowledge or pricing and then "suddenly" disappears ... leaving the unprepared salesperson utterly perplexed and pondering if he was "shopped" or tricked by the competitor who was posing as a potential client.
Sound familiar? Want to learn how to be in control of your sales process and communicate directly to the subconscious mind of the prospect to avoid doing unpaid consulting and be able to close every qualified sale on your own terms? Then you need our Alpha Selling System that includes our targeted leads!    >>READ MORE

We Can Help Grow Your Business

Since 1997 we have helped hundreds of businesses increase their sales revenue. Today is your turn to learn how we can help triple your sales on our Alpha Selling System with verified business sales leads!











"Before I took the Alpha Selling System, I used to sell 6-7 cars per month. Right after taking the ACS course and correcting my sales technique, I now sell 20-25 cars every single month!"

Anita Stephens
Auto Sales, Houston , Texas

"I run a small software company. After taking the Alpha Corporate Sales course, I have tripled my IT sales in 60 days of taking the course! My wife does not have to work anymore! "

Elliott Watson
Software /IT Solutions, Chicago, Illinois

"I sell luxury real estate in South Florida. I used to sell 1 property per year before I took the class. Now I sell 1-2 properties every month thanks to the know-how I got from the System. "

Stephanie Richards
Luxury Real Estate Sales, Miami, Florida

"I run a small hedge fund with 5 investors totaling $20M (AUM), but 3 months after we decided to partner with Alpha Corporate Sales, we have closed 3 clients totaling $43M."

Michael Brand
Hedge Fund Manager, New York, New York

"As accountants we are terrible at asking for money even though we deal with money daily! So when I signed up for the course, our revenue had increased 124.7% within 60 days!"

Jennifer Palmer
Accounting Solutions, Los Angeles, California

"I run a manufacturing plant where we used to struggle with our sales/distribution. After I took Alpha Selling System course with custom leads, our revenue tripled in 4 months!"

Alan Hansen
Plant Manager, Des Moines, Iowa


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