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Welcome to our online portal where you could instantly start your spiritual, health, and financial (business) education through our interactive online video classes!

Please choose between our 3 individual video classes: Alpha Selling System (how to make money), Alpha Health System (how to lose weight and be healthy), or Alpha Spiritual System (how to awaken and attain enlightenment) and begin your virtual education that will take you and transform you far beyond what any traditional college or university education could offer.

You may also choose our most popular bundled package -- Alpha Total System -- that includes all 3 classes bundled into one course for only $500 per month. You will save hundreds of dollars every month. This is a month-to-month subscription.

After you pick a class and enroll in one of our online classes, you will immediately have 24/7 access to our video training material and also receive customized assignments to start living a more fulfilled, happier, and healthier lifestyle with much more abundance through our on-going assistance, education, and opportunities.

On our Alpha Health System, you will learn how to lose up to 40 pounds within 90 days naturally and be on a much healthier diet while staying away from the unhealthy processed foods. You will also learn about the secret diet of the mysterious Hunza people that currently live beyond 145 and play Polo (they call Chougan) well into their late 70's. Marco Polo has traveled to the Pamiri highlander people of Hunza in 1273 (A.D.) and brought the game of Chougan to Europe, which was later named after him and known as Polo in the West.

Our Alpha Health System includes everything you need to know to help restore health and homeostasis (balance) to feel great by addressing the root cause of most health problems through learning and following our personalized dietary and lifestyle program that produces results. 

Alpha Health System is the world's only bona-fide comprehensive program in existence today that is based on a study that represents over 20 years of extensive medical, scientific, and archaeological research of every known diet and most healthy lifestyle from around the world since the ancient antiquity compiled into a single, easy-to-follow, all-natural detoxification, health-restoration, and weight-loss program.

If you want to start a business and make serious money, you need to take our Alpha Selling System class and we will train you how to start a business, sell your own products or services or how to sell our products to potential clients, which would allow you to earn a 50% commission for every package you sell (Silver, Gold, or Elite).

Our Alpha Selling System will give you access to our on-demand 24/7 online video sales training and business development course where you will learn how to close 9 out of 10 sales and also have the option to offer our products (Elite, Gold, and Silver Package) to potential clients and earn $5,000 for every Silver Plan you sell.

Our Alpha Spiritual System is designed for anyone who wants to awaken to the true reality of our world and understand the meaning of life and the hidden inter-connected web of our existence and of our origin by attaining spiritual enlightenment and living a much more balanced, fulfilled, happier, and harmonious life for many years to come.

Welcome to the most comprehensive and affordable on-demand education platform in the world today!

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