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Welcome to our Alpha Agent Training portal where you could instantly start your employee / agent training through our interactive online video training classes!

Please choose between our 3 classes: Silver Access, Gold Access, or Elite Access and begin your virtual training that will give you the education you need to use our Alpha Selling System in real-life sales situations to close clients and earn commissions.

You may see a commitment fee associated with taking each of our courses.  This fee represents a psychological anchor that must be there as a strong accountability reinforcement and motivating factor to keep you in the course without giving up too soon if you hear NOs or get rejected in real-life sales situations when you start making cold calls and need to stay motivated to continue with our program.

A free course can be easily abandoned by a person at the very first sign of difficulty. We do not want you to quit. We want you to finish our training and start closing sales and earn commission checks no matter what difficulty you encounter. That's why we have a commitment fee for you to pay to ensure that you are serious about your new career and are showing it by investing in your future!

This fee will be refunded to you as soon as you close your very first client. This is a month-to-month subscription. If you decide to quit your training, you can cancel the monthly billing by sending your sales manager a written request to cancel your monthly subscription.

After you pick a type of class and enroll in one of our 3 online classes, you will immediately have 24/7 access to our video training material and receive customized assignments to start practicing our selling methodology in the real world.

Welcome to the most comprehensive virtual training on-demand platform in the world. Study hard and make lots of sales!

No copying or duplication of any of our material is allowed. The penalty is $250,000 (USD) for each such violation. Our legal team is constantly watching for any violation.

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