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We teach salespeople and business owners how to increase sales by training them online, in person, or by telephone anytime, anywhere, and any place.

Are you tired of chasing after "ghost" clients and unrealized business goals? Want to learn how to close 95% more sales by using our trusted methodology that delivers results?

As experienced business entrepreneurs and psychiatrists, we know quite a bit about human behavior and sales psychology that you could learn from us how to effectively increase sales by closing 9 out of 10 qualified clients.

Alpha Corporate Sales provides enterprise sales training to Fortune 500 companies with our proprietary Alpha Selling System that helps maximize revenue by simplifying closing complex sales.

Headquartered in New York City, we operate globally through 29 satellite offices around the world. Alpha Corporate Sales specializes in training large sales teams in every major industry.

To learn more about how you could double your sales, call +1.646.727.9224 or click Start My Training Now.


Are You Ready To Grow Your Business?

Since 1997 we have been helping salespeople and business owners increase their sales revenue. Today is your turn to learn how we can help double your sales!

Want to Learn How to Close Every Sale?

Fortune 500 Companies Trust us to Train Their People

Are You Ready to Expand Strategically?

Since 1997 we have been helping salespeople and business owners increase their sales revenue. Today is your turn to learn how we can help double your sales!

Alpha Selling System - Online Course

Learn how to close more business by using our proprietary methodology.

Alpha Selling System - Online Course

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How Does Alpha Selling System Work?

Alpha Selling System is the world's only psychology-based selling methodology that scientifically facilitates closing new business by communicating directly to the subconscious mind of each prospect to close 9 out of 10 sales.

Alpha Selling System is a proprietary selling methodology created in 1997 by a team of psychiatrists at Alpha Corporate Sales that allows salespeople and business owners build long-term relationships and close 9 out of 10 sales without giving away free information or what we call -- doing unpaid consulting and losing control of the sales process in a sales cycle, which should be avoided at all times.

Our proprietary business development & selling methodology allows salespeople and business owners to remain in control during the entire sales cycle or business negotiations until the sale is successfully completed in 9 out of 10 cases. Founded by a team of profilers in New York City, Alpha Corporate Sales is the only sales training and business development organization in the world that focuses on applying advanced psychology-based methodology to handling business negotiations and closing sales.

That's why our business development and sales methodology makes the difference between being able to successfully close complex sales and endlessly chasing after poorly-qualified "ghost" clients. Ghost clients are prospects who like to take information or proposals from salespeople but often don't pay for the services by strategically taking the "free" information and suddenly disappearing, which results in inexperienced salespeople wanting to chase after them without understanding what actually took place. If you struggle with being in control of your sales cycle (i.e. if you cannot close sales), contact us today: +1.646.727.9224


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