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We turn inexperienced sales recruits into a powerful sales-force who understands and applies the hidden psychology of closing complex sales to increasing revenue.

Realize your full potential by joining our team as our full-time or part-time employee, sales associate or independent business-development agent.
If you want to join our sales team, you may apply to our below job listing(s) by faxing your resume to our Human Resources. At Alpha Corporate Sales, our investment in state-of-the-art technology and great people who make it all happen makes us a company where you can enjoy a productive career with long-term potential.


  • Position: Sales Associate (full-time)
  • Availability: Immediate in all 50 States (as an independent contractor)
  • Pre-requisites: Ability to sell on the phone (no college degree required)
  • Ideal Candidate: Must be dedicated to learning and getting results (daily phone cold calling) 
  • Pay: Commission only (10%--50% commission, paid weekly, no base salary)
  • To Apply: Fax your resume with cover letter to: ATTN: Human Resources

IMPORTANT: You may contact our Human Resources Department only by email or fax regarding our employment opportunities and inquiring about your resume status. Absolutely no phone calls please!

Alpha Corporate Sales provides enterprise sales training to Fortune 500 companies with its proprietary Alpha Selling System that helps maximize revenue by simplifying closing complex sales. Headquartered in New York City, the company operates globally through 29 satellite offices around the world.

We offer a wide variety of employment opportunities in the U.S. and are continually looking for both experienced and straight-out-of college or high school marketing talent who have the drive to make a sales career and complement our existing sales workforce and enhance our organizational strength.

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