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The World's Most Expensive Sales Training and Coaching Package Offered by Alpha Corporate Sales Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

In the Field of Enterprise Sales Training and Personal Coaching One Name Stands Out -- Alpha Corporate Sales For Its Well-known and Most Effective and the World’s Most Expensive Elite Coaching Membership Package Costing Only $250,000 (USD)

Alpha Corporate Sales has debuted its Elite Coaching program, Alpha Selling System, on July 10, 1998 in New York City and immediately sold 35 Elite Coaching memberships within 3 days of its release.

That’s $250,000 (USD) per member for 90 days of daily coaching. To date it is the world’s most expensive personal coaching package ever sold by a private consulting firm who took on clients for a 90-day personal coaching program.

The number of Elite Coaching clients quickly grew to over 300 since its introduction in 1998 and today it is the most recognized, trusted, and sought-after name in the field of results-oriented executive coaching programs in the U.S. and other countries where business growth and personal improvement are...

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