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How to Triple Your Sales in 90 Days

What is the biggest mistake sales people make when dealing with a prospect? They assume that price is too high and are eager to attempt to lower it or dwell on it during the pre-qualification process with a prospective client.

The truth of the matter is the client wants his problem solved at all costs, especially when it comes to most complex sales.

Today, Alpha Corporate Sales helps thousands of sales managers globally become more efficient by crystallizing the client decision-making process and often allows them to double their sales targets within 90 day.

Alpha Corporate Sales provides enterprise sales training through its proprietary Alpha Selling System – now available online to small business owners with a primary focus on helping them find clients, close clients, and keep clients.

Headquartered in New York City, Alpha Corporate Sales operates globally through its 29 satellite offices around the world. Alpha Selling System has been the industry standard when it comes to...

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