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Alpha Corporate Sales Secures a $150M Project for a North Slope Oil & Gas Company in Alaska

Alpha Corporate Sales Has Secured an Equity Commitment of $150M for An Independent Oil Company in Alaska to Explore the North Slope Oil-rich Region.

Alpha Corporate Sales, through its subsidiary, has secured $150M private equity financing for an independent North Slope oil & gas company to explore in the oil-rich region of Alaska near Barrow.

Alpha Corporate Sales co-founder and president, Dr. Stanley Wilson, said in a company memo today: “We were pleased to help another client of ours secure funding and negotiate a contract to build strategic infrastructure for one of the largest oil and gas companies in Alaska that proves that our business development methodology works even in Alaska. We want to help many more Alaska companies receive funding and close more business to improve the local economy and make it self-sufficient. We could help large or small Alaska companies, including small oil and gas companies in Alaska, do an IPO, raise the necessary funds for off-shore or...

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