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Alpha Corporate Sales Supports Vatican’s Criticism of Financial Speculation as Morally Illegitimate “Economic Cannibalism” When Profiting at the Expense and Ruin of Others

The Vatican Has Declared The Derivatives Market as “Predatory” and “Unethical” When it Comes to Credit Default Swaps (CDS) That Were Used by Investment Banks and Hedge Funds to Profit From Speculating Against Losses That Turned Into Morally Illegitimate Economic “Slaughter” of the Millions of Americans That Lost Their Homes During the 2007-2008 Sub-prime Foreclosure Mortgage Crisis That Turned into a Full-scale International Banking Crisis

Alpha Corporate Sales co-founder and president, Dr. Stanley Wilson, has made an announcement today that the company agrees with the recent Vatican Bulletin’s criticism in “ ‘Oeconomicae et pecuniariae quaestiones’. Considerations for an ethical discernment regarding some aspects of the present economic-financial system.”

Dr. Wilson has pointed out that such criticism of the use of the derivatives and its speculation serves as a stark reminder to all of us that the U.S. and other...

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