Alpha Selling System is Considered the Most Effective and the Best Sales Training Program for California Real Estate Agents and Brokers Available Today

Newly-licensed Real Estate Agents in California Can Receive Free "Trial" Sales Training from Alpha Corporate Sales to Help Them Quickly Learn the Psychology and Neuroscience of Consistently Selling More Properties by Using a Very Effective Alpha Selling System.

Alpha Corporate Sales co-founder and president, Dr. Stanley Wilson, has made an announcement today that the company has made its flagship sales training program, Alpha Selling System, available to real estate agents in San Francisco, CA and 65 other locations across the state of California.

As seen on CNBC News, Bloomberg News, NBC News, CNN, and various other media, Alpha Corporate Sales is well-known internationally as the ultimate authority and innovative leader in the field of enterprise sales training, neuromarketing, and one-on-one executive business coaching programs.

Dr. Stanley Wilson said in a company memo today: “Alpha Corporate Sales will offer its sales training and coaching expertise to real estate agents and brokers in California where our neuromarketing and sales coaching services are vitally needed and will be much appreciated because of the anticipated positive economic impact it will have in California right away as a result of using our time-tested proprietary selling methodology that is considered the best in the industry.” 

What’s more, Alpha Corporate Sales now offers a free complimentary sales training session to every newly-licensed real estate agent in the state of California to be redeemed by calling our telephone number listed below.

If you want to learn how to consistently sell more real estate, call: +1.646.727.9924 or visit our website:

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