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We offer the best sales training & revolutionary coaching to real estate agents and brokers teaching them how to consistently close more sales.

Are you a real estate agent who is tired of chasing after "ghost" clients? Want to learn how to close 9 out of 10 sales by using our proprietary selling methodology of communicating directly to your prospect's subconscious mind?

Since 1997, we have coached, trained and mentored hundreds of real estate agents and brokers, including new agents, how to consistently sell 50, 120, and even 400 units a year on our Alpha Selling System. We are well-known for running an innovative New Agent Success Clinic for new agents who want to close 50+ units in their first year in the business.

What is our guarantee? We guarantee you will learn how to close 9 out of 10 sales consistently and reach your desired real estate production goals within 90 days of starting our sales training! Your productivity rankings will grow to an outstanding #1 in the nation in closed units in any agent size category. As an agent /broker you will produce results at least 45% higher in closed sides compared to total annual closed units reported by the local Multiple Listing Service.

What is our track record? We have a 20+ year long track record with virtually every agent who took our class and ended up successfully doubling his/her sales within 90 days. Some of those agents decided to start their own agencies with our strategic coaching and daily support. Today, these brokers recruit new agents and strategically expand their operation across the country and many of them bring up to 30% of their buyers from international markets to buy properties in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Why use our System? As experienced psychologists, we know quite a bit about the neuroscience and psychology of converting prospects into paying clients. If you are a new or experienced real estate agent -- we can help you become more profitable and much more effective at selling real estate by focusing on what other agents have missed -- a controlled interaction with the hidden language of the prospect's subconscious mind to close more business or nearly 95% of all qualified prospects approached. We teach real estate agents and brokers how not to leave business on the table for their competition. We focus on strategically closing every qualified sale without chasing after "ghost" clients. To learn more about our System without procrastinating another day, call us or fill out the form below and we'll fix your biggest problem of not closing enough sales! You can call us anytime at: +1.646.727.9224

Why is our System so different? Alpha Selling System will forever change the way you prospect and close contracts because it is based on many years of research in neuroscience and consumer psychology! Many amateur sales trainers teach antiquated selling techniques that are not based on science but on overcoming client objections and just plain strong-arming the prospects into signing legally binding contracts and hoping that they will not cancel the next day. We use psychology and neuroscience to quickly build relationships and guide prospects into making decisions that are in their best interest by first properly pre-qualifying them. We will help you stay profitable and sell more units by teaching you the industry secrets how to get inside your prospects' minds to facilitate closing every sale and then keeping the sale, such as preventing unexpected contract cancellations or buyer's remorse. You will be getting referrals from every single new and past client. Click HERE to enroll and learn our System!


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What is our secret to being so successful at consistently closing 9 out of 10 sales? By using our proprietary Alpha Selling System, that includes advanced neuroscience of connecting to the subconscious mind of your prospect, you too can expect to learn how to quickly build relationships and double or triple your sales within 3 months of starting our sales training. Our Alpha Selling System is so effective at converting prospects into paying clients that some of our clients refuse to endorse it publicly out of fear that their competitors will use it to put them out of business. And that's the biggest compliment of how effective our System is. If you struggle to consistently find and close clients, contact us: +1.646.727.9224

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We will teach you how to consistently close 9 out 10 sales on our Alpha Selling System and get referrals every time you talk to prospects and existing clients!


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