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Alpha Health System is based on a medical study that focused on a mysterious organic compound responsible for longevity and superb health that was found in numerous ancient historical references, such as the scrolls from the Ancient Library of Alexandria about Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, and Atrahasis that is vaguely mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh (2539 B.C.) and also in ancient texts about the mighty King Sargon of the incredibly-ancient Akkadian Empire (2340 B.C.), and also of Yu The Great of The Xia dynasty (2070 B.C.), and in Homer's Illiad (1180 B.C.), and in the ancient texts of King Argishti I (786 B.C.) of the mighty Kingdom of Urartu (860 B.C.) who built the incredibly-old city and fortress of Erebuni ​(782 B.C.) that has survived to this day, and in the Biblical diet (280 B.C.), as well as in ancient Ayurvedic ​manuscripts (560 B.C.) and various other medicinal texts of the time found at the Temple of Edfu (56 B.C).

Today, our study confirmed the same ancient "mystery" ingredient that was linked to longevity and good health in the texts of ancient times, called Bragshun, is still used in the modern-day Pamiri Hunza diet (1938 A.D.) of the super-centenarian Illyrian Tribes who live in the utmost remote Tian Shan Mountain area of Gilgit and Kalash, who are known to live well beyond 145, father children and play sports, like Polo, well into their late 70's. Polo was regularly played by the Pamiri Hunza people long before they came into contact with the European travelers who had subsequently popularized it in the West. The locals call Polo Chougan. In the West, this sport was named after the famous European explorer, Marco Polo, who had visited the Hunza people in 1273 (A.D.) and upon returning to Europe, 24 years later, wrote about the sugar-free diet, active daily lifestyle, and colorful culture and hierarchy of the Pamiri Hunza people.

The Hunza people have been studied in modern history in 1938 (A.D.) by the most extensive scientific team ever assembled and funded by the German Department of Heritage who employed a team of its well-known "elite" scientists under the auspices of Ahnenerbe. The German scientists were able to successfully locate and thoroughly study the lifestyle, habits, and the diet of the Pamiri Hunza people and other tribes in the area who trace their lineage directly to Alexander the Great and other Nordic people.

To this day, the Hunza and other Pamiri people that were studied by the German scientists still live in the remote high-elevation regions of the Tian Shan, Pamir and Tibet mountains, or the Holy Mount Meru leading to Svarga.

The traditional Caucasians, of the Caucasus Mountain region, also have very similar European features of the Hunza people who have not been mixed with other ethnic groups and population in the local area that has characteristically darker hair, skin, and eye color. In fact, the term "Caucasian," as it is known today to legally describe the white race in North America, came from studying a remote population in the Caucasus Mountains in today's Georgia, Armenia, and several other adjacent countries.

The traditional Caucasians have similar features to the Hunza people that descend from what seems to be the European roots of an earlier race of mountain-dwellers currently residing in the Tian Shan, Pamir, Tibet, and the Caucasus Mountains. The traditional Pamiri Hunza people, much like the Caucasian people from the Caucasus Mountain region, have blue eyes, snow-white skin, and distinctly Caucasian or "white" features characteristic of the Nordic people who have migrated from colder uninhabitable northern climates to warmer climates of Africa and Eurasia and gradually acquired darker features--not the other way around as it was presented to the general public in recent years.

The 1938 German scientific expedition to Central Asia, which concluded in 1939, had hoped to unlock the secrets of the Hunza tribe's longevity and try to duplicate or formulate the most elusive and sought-after drink Amrita, which pre-dates Ayahuasca by 2500 years, sometimes called the Elixir of Youth, supposedly prepared by Dattatreya, according to local tradition. This scientific quest was later continued and successfully concluded by our team of researchers and medical doctors who have formulated our Alpha Health System herbal diet regiment.

We also plan to use Bragshun with Amrita in our soon-to-be-released diet regiment that we call Alpha Forever System that will focus on significantly extending the healthy years of human life and, for the first time in modern history, to allow people who follow our recommendations potentially become the next-generation super-centenarians.

Alpha Forever System is a more advanced supplementary health program that helps promote "perpetual" youth and longevity extended in humans by at least 30% - 40%, based on our advanced biomolecular discovery of identifying and affecting the gene responsible for aging, especially to prevent premature cellular necrosis and uncontrolled apoptosis.

This research was a result of decades of extensive laboratory work and was partially based on the information found in the long-lost official "Elixir of Youth" manuscript found in Kangyur that was collected and translated during the 1938-1939 German scientific expedition, which was recently re-discovered in private medical archives.

Another contributing source of information on advanced age-reversing biotechnology was found by our scientists in a rare collection of coded medical records, the Voynich Manuscript (1405 A.D.), and other research materials marked "Top Secret" that were left behind by the top German scientists at the Lake Toplitz medical laboratory in 1943 (A.D.), which came from the Ancient Library of Alexandria, that were transported to Abyssinia, describing the ancient Hyperboreans from the Eternal City of Arkaim (2765 B.C.) in an unknown language that is similar to but predating the Etruscan language (700 B.C.) by at least 2,000 years, which resembles the Turdaș-Vinča language, culture, and proto-writings (5720 B.C.). For more information on our Alpha Health System, contact us:


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