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Our mission is to educate salespeople and entrepreneurs how to effectively find and close more business to systematically grow their sales revenue.

We teach salespeople and business owners how to build relationships and close business much more effectively by understanding the hidden language of their prospects' subconscious minds and communicating with it.

Since 1997, Alpha Corporate Sales has been a leading global business development, enterprise sales training, and executive coaching firm that provides a wide range of public relations services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals. We are headquartered in New York City and maintain offices in all major business centers around the world.

For more than 20 years, we have been passionate about achieving consistent results for our clients—results that go beyond financial and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic and enduring. We focus on giving people in business the opportunity to sharpen their skills and improve their performance in order to build positive, steady, and profitable results. We listen to our clients and then we design a customized strategy to deliver results.

"We received superb project management and market growth consultancy from Alpha Corporate Sales team that has been invaluable to our growth for the past twelve years."

Christopher Snodgrass
Vice President of Logistics, Caterpillar Inc

"We rely on the consultants from Alpha Corporate Sales for achieving tangible growth and market expansion through their innovative approach to customer relevance and sales."

Kevin Bandy
Senior Vice President, Cisco Systems

"When it comes to new client acquisition and managing our client relationships, we rely on the experts from Alpha Corporate Sales who have outperformed our wildest expectations."

Gregory Pearson
Vice President of Manufacturing, Intel Corporation

"Strategic market expansion advice is what we have received from the Alpha Corporate Sales team. Their expertise in delivering results with top level relationship building is unmatched."

Ben Kahrs
Senior Vice President, Alcoa Corporation

"Our sales team has received the best enterprise sales training from our advisors at Alpha Corporate Sales. We wish we knew about their sales training services sooner than last year. "

James Collins, Jr.
Chief Operating Officer, DuPont Manufacturing

The History of Our Sales Training Academy!

Since 1997, Dr. Stanley Wilson has been the president at Alpha Corporate Sales and a co-founder of a well-known future giant -- an international business development company with a monumental task of setting a new standard and offering alternatives to the old-era ineffective sales training methodologies and less-than-perfect "traditional" business coaching. Formerly a profiler, Dr. Wilson, has quickly realized his full potential for his passion for teaching and his psychology-based professional background in the private sector business education and consulting field by first helping a family member close a large international oil & gas transaction, which later turned into full-time business consulting for Fortune 500 corporate clients while at the helm of Alpha Corporate Sales. Today, Dr. Wilson leads a well-recognized global business development educational academy for business professionals and entrepreneurs that operates worldwide out of 29 regional offices on 3 continents, helping both established companies and start-ups strategically grow their business and increase market share.

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How Can We Help Double Your Sales?

Founded by a team of business entrepreneurs and psychiatrists, Alpha Corporate Sales is the only sales training and business development organization in the world that focuses on applying neuropsychology.

A little history about our firm and how we got started.

In 1997, two most brilliant profilers decided to start a consulting firm after helping a family member close a large international oil & gas transaction that required a lot of negotiation, which later turned into a full-time sales training and coaching company appropriately named Alpha Corporate Sales.

We are very different from other sales training firms because we have a background in clinical and consumer psychology and having such expertise we created our selling methodology to facilitate business owners and salespeople close complex sales during high-level business negotiations.

We used neuroscience and consumer psychology to determine what triggers a response inside a prospect's conscious and sub-conscious mind to agree to buy! After many years of perfecting our System, we have the most effective selling system in the world today appropriately named Alpha Selling System.

We use several neuro-psychological techniques that work by identifying what others have missed -- a controlled interaction with the hidden language of the prospect's subconscious mind to close nearly 95% of all qualified prospects approached. We teach salespeople how not to leave business on the table for their competition.

We teach entrepreneurs and salespeople how to properly build rapport with their prospective clients without giving too much product knowledge or free information or what we call "unpaid consulting" during a sales cycle.

We also discourage chasing after "ghost" clients that could be their competitors posing as potential "phantom" clients or prospects who want, and, quite often, get pro bono or "free services" or free information without paying for it.

Statistically, this practice of prospective clients stealing information from salespeople happens during 86% of all sales interactions, and, therefore, is quite catastrophic to business development and is a taboo subject for many sales managers to discuss due to the fact that it would expose just how ineffective their sales team really is, which would directly reflect poorly on their role as extremely ineffective sales managers.

That's why you need our System that will help you consistently close 9 out of 10 sales. We guarantee that by taking our class and learning applying our System -- you would know how to control the entire communication with your prospect and could double or even triple your sales within 90 days from starting our class.

But we will give you several free sales training sessions until you decide that you are ready to become our student and enroll in our class!

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Sales Training for Realtors?

We offer sales training and one-on-one strategic coaching for real estate agents and brokers how to sell 50--120 units per year!

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How Does Our Neuroscience Work in Sales?

Founded by a team of business entrepreneurs and retired psychiatrists, Alpha Corporate Sales is the only sales training and business development organization in the world that applies advanced nueropsychology-based methodology to real-life sales situations that makes the difference between being able to successfully close 9 out 10 sales and endlessly chasing after poorly-qualified "ghost" clients.

We Can Help You Grow Your Business!

Since 1997 we have been helping salespeople and business owners increase their sales revenue. Today we can show you how to double your sales!

We Offer Strategic Sales Training!

You will get the best one-on-one strategic sales coaching & business mentoring and also have access to our on-demand video sales training courses 24/7.

Why Are Other Systems Not Very Effective?

Many sales managers do not know how to address and fix poor sales production and other problems that plague their sales teams that includes lack of organization & motivation on the part of the sales team as a whole.

Well,the answer to that question is quite long, but here it is:

Our background is psychology. Our expertise as former profilers is to know the root cause for any problem that occurs with a salesperson or a sales team as a whole. We know and understand the underlying reasons why salespeople lose motivation and are not organized to produce to their full potential and beyond!

We can address and fix all those problems though weekly one-on-one sales coaching sessions that could be done via phone. We can help you and your sales team remove all mental blocks so you could focus on consistently growing your business on our Alpha Selling System.

Just call us and schedule a free sales training session and you will see how easy it will be to fix your biggest business and personal problems with consultants who actually have a background in psychology!

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If you still want more information, then keep reading. We used to give 8-hour long lectures to studnets. We never run out of things to say!

Our proprietary selling methodology helps salespeople, sales managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and company executives identify and effectively deal with all these elusive problems involving lack of motivation and proper sales training that are hidden from direct observation of "regular" sales trainers who do not have a background in psychology.

Every prospect instantly knows when he deals with an inexperienced salesperson and reflexively puts on a mask of appearing as an "interested" potential client or as an "overly-eager" buyer that "happily goes along" with the sales process for a short time in order to ultimately steal the proprietary information or gain valuable product knowledge or pricing and then "suddenly" disappears ... leaving the unprepared salesperson utterly perplexed and pondering if he was "shopped" or tricked by the competitor who was posing as a potential client. The inexperienced salesperson wants to chase after such "ghost" customer to get the approval and to win his business. The veteran salesperson who uses our Alpha Selling System knows exactly what went wrong and the mistake he made to allow the prospect to get away from the sales process.

Sound familiar?

Want to know how to keep prospects from taking your free information and then disappearing?

Want to learn how to always be in control of your sales process with gatekeepers and decision-makers?

Want to learn how to communicate directly to the subconscious mind of your decision-makers to close every qualified sale without doing unpaid consulting?

Then you definitely need our Alpha Selling System! We have created our selling System to help salespeople close more business on a consistent basis.

We have coined the phrase "shock-therapy" opening. We have started a revolution in sales long before sales techniques were taught on tape or in digital form.

We have pioneered in the field of enterprise sales training through our on-demand teleconferencing training and online video sales coaching courses.

We have helped hundreds of start-ups, NGOs and non-profits locate and secure funding through our proprietary UHNWI database and business development methodology.

We have helped hundreds of established businesses find and close new customers through our in-house telemarketing campaigns.

Our mission is to empower salespeople and business owners negotiate more effectively and close more business with the help of our proprietary business development methodology that will increase their sales revenue and customer loyalty. Our business is to help other businesses grow on a consistent and scientific basis.

We can help you address and fix your biggest business and personal problems that keep you from reaching your full potential.

We can help you today! Dial our number: +1.646.727.9224

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Do We Use Neuromarketing or Neuroscience?

We train salespeople and business owners how to effectively negotiate and close more business by understanding the hidden language of their prospects' subconscious minds and communicating with it using advanced neuroscience.

What is the The Superconscious Mind?

We use proprietary negotiation techniques that work by identifying what others have missed -- a controlled interaction with the prospect's subconscious mind to close nearly 95% of all qualified prospective clients.

The concept of the sub-conscious (and super-conscious) mind and its communication during the sales cycle with prospective clients is at the heart of our System.

We could give an 8-hour-long lecture on this topic because is it quite vast, but now we'll cover only the most pertinent aspects of the superconscious mind and how it relates to closing more business -- if used correctly.

As experienced entrepreneurs and clinical psychologists, we help salespeople and business owners become more profitable by teaching them our sales methodology that is based on the neuroscience and psychology of what actually needs to take place to close a sale and then to keep the sale, such as preventing unexpected early contract cancellations and buyers' remorse.

In short, we teach our students the psychology behind getting consistent results when it comes to finding and closing new clients.

So what is the superconscious mind and how is it connected the subconscious mind?

There is only ONE MIND - which is for the sake of convenience and understanding divided, according to its functions, into three function of the one mind: conscious, subconscious and superconscious.

The term Superconscious Mind stands for this One Mind - for universal consciousness, for totality of all knowledge, information and power - called by various names Universal Mind, The Infinite Mind, The Universal Consciousness, The Source, Divine Mind, Light, God Mind, or simply God.

Superconscious mind is omnipresent, ONE MIND expressing through all, and each human mind is only an individualized center of consciousness of this ONE MIND. Contrary to the popular opinion, your mind is not in your body, your body is in your mind.

The term Subconscious Mind stands for your individual accumulation of knowledge through personal experience. Your subconscious mind contains all of your past programming, your samskaras (mental and emotional imprints from the past), your beliefs about yourself and the world around you.

Spiritual literature uses the term "soul" to refer to subconscious mind. Spiritual literature also refers to the subconscious mind in expressing "as you think in your heart", or "as you believe in your heart".

Your subconscious is a storehouse of all your thoughts and feelings, which together release a VIBRATION. This vibration through the Law of Resonance and Attractions manifests in your experience everything that resonates with that vibration.

The term Conscious Mind stands for whatever you are currently consciously aware of.

If you are conscious aware of your left toe, you can say that it is in your conscious mind. When you are mentally preoccupied with other things, and the intelligence of your body is taking care of your toe, you can say that your left toe is in your subconscious mind.

Ericksonian hypnotists and psychologists may use the term Unconscious Mind, to refer both to Subconscious and Superconscious Mind - in other words, for everything that is happening out of your conscious awareness.

Hypnotists who are teaching hypnosis according to NGH curriculum, use the term Unconscious Mind to refer to functions of the body they believe are out of your range of control.

When people use the term "hypnosis", they are generally referring to accessing the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind contains only your past experiences and knowledge.

Even though you are free to access the INFINITE knowledge, resources and power from your Superconscious Mind, many hypnotists and people using self-hypnosis tend to focus only on programming sub-conscious mind with ideas that originate from the limited information obtained through past experiences.

This is sometimes sufficient, depending on what goals you desire to achieve. However, if you are faced with a challenge that seems to be greater than anything you know based on your past experiences, or you simply desire to keep unfolding your limitless potential, to do that, you'd have to access your super-conscious mind.

While all kinds of things may be impossible for your individual self to accomplish, nothing is impossible for your Infinite Super-conscious Self, and you can experience it in your daily life as you allow more and more of your Infinite Self to express through you.

Whatever limitations you are experiencing are strictly due to the limiting beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind.

The way to overcome them is by aligning your conscious and subconscious minds with the super-conscious mind. You do this by being willing to let go of your own beliefs about yourself and the world around you and opening yourself to the information, the power and the love flowing into "your center of consciousness" directly from the super-conscious mind. In spiritual literature this is often referred to as surrendering to God.

Some people are wary of the term "surrender", but it is just another way of saying "allowing" or "opening" yourself up to the flow of boundless resources, knowledge and power which are available to you.

In the process of surrender, as you begin to express more and more of your infinite potential, you begin to identify with your Infinite Self, with your God Self, instead of with your limited physical self. Then you discover that the only thing that you were surrendering is your limited individual self to our All-Encompassing Infinite Super-conscious Self, and as you did all kinds of limitations were spontaneously erased from your mind and your life, and miracles and wonders followed you wherever you went.

Your individual self is like a drop of water. Your superconscious is like an ocean. To a drop of water it is impossible to push a boat on its own, but as part of an ocean it can accomplish anything.

A drop of water fully surrendered, and merged with an ocean doesn't think of itself as a mere drop of water, it thinks and acts as an ocean.

When you begin to identify yourself not with your body, but with the ALL, more and more of the attributes of your Superconscious Self begin to express through you - power, wisdom, love. You feel at peace.

As you let this this boundless power flow through you, you may experience it as electricity running through your body. You may feel all buzzed up, which is why it is so exciting and electrifying exploring your limitless potential. It feels awesome.

Your heart may well up with feeling of gratitude and you may find yourself crying at times from the sheer wonder and grandeur of these new experiences. You may experience odd symptoms in your body, as your whole being is adjusting to be a conduit for more power. 

The process of engaging the superconscious mind is often referred to as de-hypnosis - the goal is to de-hypnotize yourself from the limiting beliefs you accepted about yourself and your relationship to the world around you.

Just like in an ordinary hypnosis session, your mind is one-pointedly focused on your outcome, except that what you are focusing upon is not any particular manifestation or solving of a problem, but the experience of your Infinite Super-conscious Self.

During traditional hypnosis or hypnotherapy sessions - you'd work with a hypnotist or hypnotherapist on one specific issue at the time - an issue that is presenting a challenge for you. The process generally consists of changing the beliefs you hold in your subconscious mind regarding the specific issue.

Some hypnotists may also attempt to help you get rid of the problem by providing guidance to help you get into a relaxed state and then just repeating over and over the direct suggestion which is meant to help you get rid of the problem (e.g. for weight-loss, "You're slim now", or for smoking cessation, "You're a non-smoker now"). Since this approach does not deal with any possible benefits you are deriving from your current challenge (secondary gains), the effectiveness of this approach-may be questionable.

If, instead, you chose to engage in the process of de-hypnotizing yourself and engaging the superconscious mind - even though you may not be directly focusing on any specific issue, you may discover that the challenges you were facing before simply begin to fall away. 

If you were having a weight-problem, you could experience an inner urge to engage in activities and nutrition that promotes your ideal weight. If you were having a challenge with substance abuse, you could experience that any desire and/or need for the particular substance has simply vanished without any withdrawal symptoms.

You access the superconscious mind through your subconscious, so the process of accessing it is the same as accessing the subconscious through hypnosis. The difference lies in what you do next.

The term manifest is used continuously with no thought given to how it is possible. Material just does not appear from nothing. To manifest means to make certain by transitioning into the human visual range. The drawing below suggests one of the methods used. Sub-atomic particles (Divine Light) are linear and non-polar.

When intention is introduced, the subtle particles slow and transition into cyclonic events. Cy means complimentary state of action and of course clone means a copy of an original form. This implies that everything in the universe is manifested Divine Light.

The process can be visualized by imagining two bathtub drains, one in the north hemisphere and one in the south. In the tub there is no polarity. By intent, Divine Light slows forming whirlpools which acquire plus and minus in the outer bands and neutral at Walter Russell's fulcrum or Gregg Braden's zero point. Each drain sets up a torsion field, and because of the plus and minus fields we have heterodyning torsion fields. Any two of the inside bands spinning toward each other, are attracted (likes attract at that speed) and begin to form filaments which wrap like planetary nodes, chakras, DNA and flesh.

That which has manifested is continuously bombarded with Divine Light. This causes thrust and spinning and sets up a magnetic field around the materialized object. Absolute knowledge dwells in the Light, so it is easy to see how it is obscured in the denser fields or circuits.

From Light to Manifestation

Neuro-theology (and neo-neuro-science) is a broad effort by scientists around the world to better understand spiritual experiences, measure them, and even reproduce them. Using powerful brain imaging technology, researchers are exploring what mystics call nirvana, and what Christians describe as a state of grace. Scientists are asking whether spirituality can be explained in terms of neural networks, neurotransmitters and brain chemistry.

"The brain is set up in such a way as to have spiritual experiences," said Andrew Newberg, a Philadelphia scientist who wrote the book "Why God Won't Go Away." "Unless there is a fundamental change in the brain, spirituality will be here for a very long time. The brain is predisposed to having those experiences and that is why so many people believe in God."

Newberg's experiment consisted of taking brain scans of Tibetan Buddhist meditators as they sat immersed in contemplation. After giving them time to sink into a deep meditative trance, he injected them with a radioactive dye. Patterns of the dye's residues in the brain were later converted into images.

Newberg found that certain areas of the brain were altered during deep meditation. Predictably, these included areas in the front of the brain that are involved in concentration. But Newberg also found decreased activity in the parietal lobe, one of the parts of the brain that helps orient a person in three-dimensional space.

"When people have spiritual experiences they feel they become one with the universe and lose their sense of self," he said. "We think that may be because of what is happening in that area -- if you block that area you lose that boundary between the self and the rest of the world. In doing so you ultimately wind up in a universal state."

SPECT Images During Meditation

SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) imaging allows to image the brain and determine which areas are active by measuring blood flow. The more blood flow an area has, the more active it is. The image above shows the results from a baseline scan on the left (i.e. at rest) and during a "peak" of meditation shown on the right.

The image on the left shows that the front part of the brain, which is usually involved in focusing attention and concentration, is more active during meditation. This makes sense since meditation requires a high degree of concentration. The image on the right shows that there is decreased activity in the parietal lobe. This area of the brain is responsible for giving us a sense of our orientation in space and time. Drs d'Aquilli and Newberg hypothesized that blocking all sensory and cognitive input into this area during meditation results in the sense of no space and no time which is so often described in meditation.

That was only a snippet of what we could discuss in more detail in our class.

If you want to fix your current (bad) programming that keeps you from closing 9 out of 10 sales, call us and we'll give you a few free sales training sessions!

You will see the light! We guarantee you that!

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How Can We Help Increase Your Sales?

We teach salespeople and entrepreneurs how to properly build rapport with their prospective clients without giving too much product knowledge.


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